esod_2698804.html Skyfall [Steam Key/Region Free]

Skyfall [Steam Key/Region Free]

Skyfall it is old school first person shooter, performed in the best traditions of the genre and making us nostalgic for such masterpieces as Wolfenstein 3D.

2217. Distant future. We act as an engineer nicknamed Fox. It´s a girl. At the beginning of the game it comes the order to disable the protection system in the complex where she works. That they want to make a diagnosis. If you turn off the security system of the building block out of laboratory, where experiments on aliens were. They break free and the main character will have to get out of this nightmare. In the plot, it appears that in fact it was framed and it was all planned. For Fox hunting begins not only bloodthirsty aliens, but also military. Will she be able to prove his innocence or not? It depends on the player.

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